New Android Dead Zebra Figurines : Big Box edition

I was parsing Ebay looking for a Rusty figurine from Serie 1 (only one I don’t have …) when I found what look like new Android Dead Zebra figurines :

They looked like real ones but as I never heard of them, I sent a tweet to @DeadZebra to know if there were fakes or new models and here is what he tweeted 10  minutes later :

So it seems that they are real ones and that they are going to be available soon ! I don’t know if these are the only models or if there is going to be more. I don’t know either if they are part of the Serie 3 … Anyway as soon as I have more information I’ll update this post.

Update : @DeadZebra just gave more information these models. The edition is called Big Box and is going to be sold by major retailers starting with UO (Urban Outfitter I think …), then Barnes & Noble, Frys, …

It seems they are already available in some shops. And I don’t have a price yet … if anybody find it :]

WishList 1.3 is now released !

A new version of my app WishList is now available on the Android Market.

This application remembers your present ideas for you. It’s possible to add multiple elements to a Wish : a name, a price, a buy date, a priority or even a link to a website.

Thanks to the user feedback, this version adds new features :

  • Add the possibility to add a picture to a Wish
  • Add the photos to the share feature
  • Add a “notes” field so it’s possible to add more info to a Wish
  • Add support for the swedish currency unit.
You can find the application on the Market (translated in English, French and Polish) for the phones using 2.1+ :
WishList QRCode
Here are some screenshots of the app :

CNY (Chinese New Year) 2012 – Android Dead Zebra special figurine!

Last year, Dead Zebra released a Chinese New Year figurine, Caishen :

This year, once again, Dead Zebra decided to create something for the Chinese New Year. But instead of creating just one, he created 3 figurines !

While the last year figurine was for God of Wealth, the new ones are respectively associated to Fortune (?), Blessing (?)  and Longevity (?)

This edition is mainly for Dead Zebra’s partners in Asia, but it will also be sold in limited quantities (as always) on January 25th at 11 AM and 11 PM EST — so 8AM and 8PM in San Francisco or 5 PM and 5 AM (the following day)  in Europe — on the DYZplastic website

Here are more photos of it :


Toy Soldier – Android Dead Zebra special figurine!

And here we go again for a new specia Dead Zebra Bugdroid figurine : Toy Soldier

This figurine has been designed by  Gary Ham who already made some figurines (like  the Serie 2 Cupcake or the Snowman).

It will be released in limited quantites (as always) on December 14th at 11 AM and 11 PM EST — so 8AM and 8PM in San Francisco or 4 PM and 4 AM (the following day)  in Europe — on the DYZplastic website in this link.

Here are more photos of it :

Video showing all the code changes on Android from start to ICS

Here is a video showing all the modifications made to the source code of Android from the start to Ice Cream Sandwich :

The graph represents the source tree (which uses git). Non-leaf nodes are directories and leaf nodes are files where their color represents the type of file. Files appear as they are modified and disappear if they are not touched for 2.5 seconds.

In other words, each “blast” from a user is a commit. These commits come from both Googlers and contributors. The data was taken from stitching together the logs of all the many AOSP (Android Open Source Projects) projects using a software called gource

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