Some news and info about my trip to London for the DroidCon UK

First news : I think you have just seen it, but this post is in English. And from now most posts will be in this language. The reason will come in the next news ! As you will maybe see, English is not my native language so I hope I will make as few mistakes as possible !

Second news : beginning January 2012, I will be working in San Francisco at Funzio. I just signed my contract with them last week so it’s really fresh news ! It will be a giant change for me, moving from France to the USA, as well as having to work in English. But I think it will be a really nice experience !


The final news is my trip to London for the DroidCon UK. Last year I couldn’t get there due to an complicated schedule but this time I’m attending it !

Droidcon London Oct 6-7

Like last year, Thrusday will be the barcamp where all the persons attending the event will be able to either make or view conferences. I wanted to make a presentation about DataDroid but I have not found the time to prepare it so maybe another time !

There will be also a democamp Thrusday evening where it will be possible to make applications demos. Through the PAUG, I think I will demo either WishList or DataDroid depending of the type of presentations !

Friday will be the “conference” day ! And currently I clearly don’t know which conference I will attend and which one I will skip. There is too many choices !  (36 conferences …) ^^

So it will be two busy but interesting days ! I’m really looking forward to it ! I will make a post about it next week ;)

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