New Android Dead Zebra Figurines : Big Box edition

I was parsing Ebay looking for a Rusty figurine from Serie 1 (only one I don’t have …) when I found what look like new Android Dead Zebra figurines :

They looked like real ones but as I never heard of them, I sent a tweet to @DeadZebra to know if there were fakes or new models and here is what he tweeted 10  minutes later :

So it seems that they are real ones and that they are going to be available soon ! I don’t know if these are the only models or if there is going to be more. I don’t know either if they are part of the Serie 3 … Anyway as soon as I have more information I’ll update this post.

Update : @DeadZebra just gave more information these models. The edition is called Big Box and is going to be sold by major retailers starting with UO (Urban Outfitter I think …), then Barnes & Noble, Frys, …

It seems they are already available in some shops. And I don’t have a price yet … if anybody find it :]

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  1. dahem0n (1 comments)

    You can find Rusty in KidRobot forums cheaper than in eBay

  2. Foxykeep (47 comments)

    Ok thx for the help. I’ll check there

  3. These look like fun figurine collectibles. Can’t wait to get my hands on them. Actually can wait as long as there is any possibility of then being fakes.

    So there is some risk that the ones on EBAY are fake?
    Do you think EBAY knows that?


  4. Foxykeep (47 comments)

    Easiest and safest way currently is to buy them in a Urban Outfitter or Barnes & Noble

    On ebay, most of them are legit as long as the guy as good evaluations. Look at the past evaluations and look if some are about recent sells of Android Figurines.
    If the vendor is from Hong Kong or Taiwan, don’t try them. There is a gigantic chance that it’s a fake one :]

    I bought like 5-10 of my figurines on ebay and never add a problem but I’m aware of the fake problem so if I’m not sure, I ask for more photos or I don’t try it

  5. so lovely the Android robots toy

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