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How to make professional looking screenshots for your apps — 09/2013 Edition

Cyril Mottier published more than a year ago 2 articles (Creating Professional Looking Screenshots and Doing the Photoshopping) about how to make professional looking screenshots so that your apps are even better when you published them on the Play Store.

These articles are really well written and I recommend that you read them.

They have however one issue — The PSD files given in the articles are a bit outdated now:

  • They are using a Galaxy Nexus as a base which is not the same ratio as a Nexus 4
    • (1280 * 720 for the GN versus 1280 * 768 for the N4)
  • The clock is set to 4:10 (for Jelly Bean 4.1) which was really good a year ago. Now it should be 4:30 (for Jelly Bean MR2 4.3).

So as I was making some nice screenshots tonight for an upcoming app, I’ve updated the PSD so that you can make some up-to-date professional screenshots !

Android Screenshots Assets

Enjoy ;)

PS: Hmm in fact I also needed the Nexus 7 version. So here are the 7 inches version (based on Nexus 7 2013 device)

Android Screenshots Assets for N7

Normally I’d release them under the Beerware licence like all my other projects.
But it’s based on Cyril’s work which is available under the Creative Commons BY 3.0 license. So for once it will be available under the Creative Commons BY 3.0 (which is still fairly liberal).

DataDroid v2 is available !!!

The version 2 of DataDroid is finally available !

What’s new ?

  • A better architecture of the library which reduce a lot the boilerplate the developer has to write (you can check this article to see the difference)
  • A more robust and easier to use API for your network connections based on HTTPUrlConnection.
  • New features in the network connection API : HTTP authentication and possibility to disable SSL validation.
  • Automatic generation of a valid Android User-Agent for your requests
  • Better management of calling multiple requests at the same time in your Activitiess (It was possible in v1.0 but not easily enough).
  • The library works with API 8+ now (aka Froyo and future versions) which covers currently 97% of the user base, so it shouldn’t be a problem.
  • A lot more samples available.

For a complete presentation of the library, You can check this page.

The sample application has been updated on Google Play :

And as always the source code is available on GitHub

If you want to know how it works and how to use it in your application, go to the DataDroid website and you’ll find all the information you need

Android + LEGO = Win ?

Update 08/07/2012 : After 24 hours, the project has already reached 2600+. 1/4 of the task is already done ! Now we just need to continue to talk about it so we reached rapidly the 10 000 mark ! :D

For the past years, I have been a developer as well as a huge fan of Android. I also have always played with LEGO (when I was young and even still now)

What if we could combine these 2 worlds ?!

That’s what Marc Young must have been thinking when he started his project !

This project looks awesome with even rotating arms, heads and antennas. And frankly I want one for myself ! :D

There is only one problem… This project is part of the CUUSOO system which is a way for people to present project to LEGO for future creation.
And before an idea can be valid, it needs to receive 10 000 votes.

So it would be great if you could vote for this project (it’s really fast and easy to do).

Video showing all the code changes on Android from start to ICS

Here is a video showing all the modifications made to the source code of Android from the start to Ice Cream Sandwich :

The graph represents the source tree (which uses git). Non-leaf nodes are directories and leaf nodes are files where their color represents the type of file. Files appear as they are modified and disappear if they are not touched for 2.5 seconds.

In other words, each “blast” from a user is a commit. These commits come from both Googlers and contributors. The data was taken from stitching together the logs of all the many AOSP (Android Open Source Projects) projects using a software called gource

Ice Cream Sandwich launch date and arrival of the sculpture

Update : The video of the arrival of the sculpture is now on Youtube ! You can see it at the bottom of the post.

The launch date for Ice Cream Sandwich is finally revealed !

The event will take place October 19th at 10:00 AM in Hong Kong. So October 18th at 10h PM EST or October 19th at 4:00 AM in Europe.

As you can see in the above image, it will be livestreamed on Youtube at the following link : and the topic will be Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus/Nexus Prime.


Other news : the Ice Cream Sandwich sculpture has arrived on the Googleplex !

As you normally know, for each release, the arrival of the sculpture on the Googleplex is nearly the last step of the process ! So it looks really good ;)

Here is the video of its arrival :

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