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New Android Dead Zebra Figurines : Big Box edition

I was parsing Ebay looking for a Rusty figurine from Serie 1 (only one I don’t have …) when I found what look like new Android Dead Zebra figurines :

They looked like real ones but as I never heard of them, I sent a tweet to @DeadZebra to know if there were fakes or new models and here is what he tweeted 10  minutes later :

So it seems that they are real ones and that they are going to be available soon ! I don’t know if these are the only models or if there is going to be more. I don’t know either if they are part of the Serie 3 … Anyway as soon as I have more information I’ll update this post.

Update : @DeadZebra just gave more information these models. The edition is called Big Box and is going to be sold by major retailers starting with UO (Urban Outfitter I think …), then Barnes & Noble, Frys, …

It seems they are already available in some shops. And I don’t have a price yet … if anybody find it :]

WishList 1.3 is now released !

A new version of my app WishList is now available on the Android Market.

This application remembers your present ideas for you. It’s possible to add multiple elements to a Wish : a name, a price, a buy date, a priority or even a link to a website.

Thanks to the user feedback, this version adds new features :

  • Add the possibility to add a picture to a Wish
  • Add the photos to the share feature
  • Add a “notes” field so it’s possible to add more info to a Wish
  • Add support for the swedish currency unit.
You can find the application on the Market (translated in English, French and Polish) for the phones using 2.1+ :
WishList QRCode
Here are some screenshots of the app :

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