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CNY (Chinese New Year) 2012 – Android Dead Zebra special figurine!

Last year, Dead Zebra released a Chinese New Year figurine, Caishen :

This year, once again, Dead Zebra decided to create something for the Chinese New Year. But instead of creating just one, he created 3 figurines !

While the last year figurine was for God of Wealth, the new ones are respectively associated to Fortune (?), Blessing (?)  and Longevity (?)

This edition is mainly for Dead Zebra’s partners in Asia, but it will also be sold in limited quantities (as always) on January 25th at 11 AM and 11 PM EST — so 8AM and 8PM in San Francisco or 5 PM and 5 AM (the following day)  in Europe — on the DYZplastic website

Here are more photos of it :


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